Scientific advice

Het misverstand over hoogtetraining

Atleten gebruiken trainingskampen op grote hoogte al lang als een middel om hun lichaam te pushen en om hun uithoudingsvermogen en prestaties te verbeteren. Tegelijk debatteren wetenschappelijke professionals over de effectiviteit van hoogtetraining op atleten. Eén ding dat Altitude Dream de afgelopen 15 jaar heeft geleerd, is dat iedereen anders reageert op training op hoogte of gesimuleerde ... read more

IHT against COVID-19 Corona Virus

According to this WHO (World Health Organization) report, “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19. All countries must work together to optimize the availability of pulse oximeters and medical oxygen systems. Mortality in people with critical illness has been reported to be over 50%, therefore the implementation of proven ... read more

Height training and the art of proper planning

According to some scientists, the effect of altitude training is enhanced at every altitude stage. So it pays to go into the mountains several times a year. Altitude training has long been used by endurance athletes to perform better at sea level. The idea is simple: training in thin air creates more epo hormone and more red blood cells, making it ... read more

O2 Chart

This handy O2 chart extrapolates the effective amount of oxygen to actual height. At real altitude, the barometric pressure of the atmosphere is significantly lower than that of sea level. The result is that oxygen molecules in the air are further apart, so that the oxygen content in each breath is lowered step by step as you go up. The reduction on that ... read more

5 factors that can negatively influence your altitude training

Sporters die niet positief verbeteren op hoogtetraining of anders gezegd non-responders, bestaat dat eigenlijk wel? Veel wetenschappers twijfelen hier sterk over. Het Australisch sport instituut identificeerde de 5 “I”s die het hematologisch effect van hoogtetraining zodanig kunnen beïnvloeden zodat het lijkt dat de sporter niet of nauwelijks reageert op hoogte. 1. Injury Langdurige ontstekingen ... read more

TESTED: Altitude tent for Khan Tengri (7010m)

Headaches, lack of appetite, low energy, sleepless nights… If you have ever been in the high mountains, you know that acclimatization is not much fun. How quickly you acclimatize varies from person to person and there is little you can do about it. Unfortunately, I'm pretty bad at acclimatizing. Last year at Peak Lenin (7,134m) the throbbing headache was so bad that I hardly ... read more

Training at height. New insights.

Height training is a well-known training method. In the past, athletes had to rely on internships in the mountains, nowadays it is also possible to train and / or live at simulated heights. There are new, promising developments in this area concerning intensive and short-term training protocols. These developments are listed in this article. ... read more

Taking iron supplements during altitude training promotes hemoglobin production

Top athletes who go on an altitude training are advised to take iron supplements during the internship. This promotes the production of hemoglobin and thus the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen. Research among 178 Australian elite athletes shows that taking 105 mg or 210 mg of iron per day leads to an increase in the hemoglobin concentration of ... read more

The ideal height for a height tent is 2000 to 2500 meters

It is best for athletes to sleep at an altitude of 2000-2500 meters during a “live-high-train-low” training period in an altitude tent. At this altitude, the conditions are most favorable to perform as well as possible at sea level afterwards. This is apparent from research by a group of researchers with extensive experience in the field of altitude training. ... read more

Altitude training compared to the literature

Altitude training is a much discussed topic in the sports world. Scientists and trainers have been falling over one another for decades when it comes to training at heights. Through height training, the performance of an athlete is often literally and figuratively brought to higher heights. There are dozens of theories regarding the effects of altitude training. ... read more

Lose weight with altitude training

Height training leads to good results when you want to feel fitter and when you want to work on your weight or simply lose weight. In the mountains, the metabolic process in the human body requires two to three times as much energy, which in exercise leads to acidification rather than sea level. And that requires energy, so that more fat will burn. ... read more

Altitude Training FAQ: Do I get a warranty on my altitude generator?

JA! Altitude Dream staat achter zijn producten. Daarom wordt iedere nieuwe hoogtegenerator standaard geleverd met 2 jaar garantie. Het komt trouwens bijna niet voor dat er een probleem is met de hoogtegenerator. Mocht het toch gebeuren dan wordt het systeem geheel op onze kosten hersteld. Op dit moment zijn er systemen die al 11 jaar actief zijn zonder ook maar 1 probleem. De enige onderhoudskost ... read more

Does the altitude generator require maintenance?

Nauwelijks! Hoogtegenerators van Altitude Dream zijn zo goed als onderhoudsvrij. Enige aandachtpunten zijn de filter op de hoogtegenerator en de HEPA filter aan het einde van de zuurstofslang. De filter bovenop de generator moet 1x per maand stofvrij gemaakt worden gemaakt door het even te wassen met lauw water en een beetje zeep. De HEPA filter aan het einde van de slang moet 1x per jaar ... read more

Is the height adjustable on the height generator?

Absoluut, dit is eenvoudig regelbaar! Op de digitale display bovenop de hoogtegenerator kun je het zuurstof percentage regelen tussen 20,9% (zeeniveau) en 9,3% (6400m hoogte). Om dit te kunnen controleren wordt iedere generator uit onze verhuur service  standaard geleverd met een zuurstofmeter.  Zo kun je zelf nog eens extra controleren of de juiste hoogte is ingesteld. Eigenlijk is het net zo ... read more

How long does the effect remain in the height tent after a month?

This is a frequently asked question with a very individual answer. Height training is and remains very individual. However, we see that the absolute peak in the total red blood cell count is almost always realized exactly one week after a month in the height tent (*). You can then assume that you can maintain your top condition for another 4 to 6 weeks. Where you at a ... read more