Live High Train Low height training highlighted

Right away Live High Train Low training protocol will acclimatize the body to stays at elevation (ie with low oxygen), while the training intensity is maintained at a normal oxygen level (sea level). In this way the benefits of staying at heights are experienced without the disadvantages of training with low oxygen levels being experienced. 

LHTL recommendations for athletes:

(source: Millet et al., 2010)

  • The optimum height for stay at height is set at 2200 - 2500m for optimum epoeffect and up to 3100 m for non-blood-bound effects.
  • The optimum duration seems 4 weeks to be for an accelerated erythropoiesis (EPO production)
  • Less than 3 weeks (for example 18 days) seems enough for valuable changes in economy, muscle buffer capacity, the hypoxic ventilatory response or the NA + / K + ATP-ase activity
  • Live High exposure:
    > 5 nights / moments per week
    > At natural height: 20-22 hours / day for improved sea level performance
    > At an artificial height in one altitude tent: at least 10 hours / moment, but better is 12 hours / day
    > For non-haematological changes, shorter is also possible

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