How high can I go with the height generator?

With our height generators it is possible to set the height between 0 meters and 6400m. Please note, the values on the digital display of the altitude generator are only valid when used at sea level. The natural height where the generator is located must be added to the set height on the device.

For example, if you are already staying at an altitude of 1500m and you want to sleep at an altitude of 2500m, the height generator must be set to just 1000m.
(1500m natural height + 1000m set height = 2500m effective height)

Close the height tent, switch on the height generator and then set the desired height.
After about 1 hour the height tent has reached the set height. advises to always check the height extra with an oxygen meter. An oxygen meter is therefore also standard delivered with our rental service.

About Altitude Dream

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