Altitude training FAQ: How do you 'make' thin air?

The higher in the mountains, the lower the air pressure will be and as a result fewer oxygen molecules are present on the same surface. This means that you inhale less oxygen on top of a mountain than at sea level. Getting less oxygen stimulates the body to adapt to this new situation. Over time, there are therefore various systems such as breathing, blood transport (number Red blood cells) and the oxygen uptake in the muscles improved considerably. Result: General fitter level and better performance in daily life and at top sport level.

The high altitude tent uses this process and uses the same low oxygen air as if you were standing on top of a mountain at home. The altitude generator takes a small percentage of oxygen out of the normal air and pumps the remaining deoxygenated air into the altitude tent. Separating a percentage of oxygen with the rest of the air is done through a variation of the complex 'pressure swing adsorptionmethod. The air pressure remains exactly the same at every height.

Pressure swing adsorption method

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