Altitude training with Asthma & COPD

We all know the spas (such as S. Moritz or Davos) where Asthma and COPD patients go because of the beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. The mountain air from 1500 meters is cleaner than the air at sea level. At sea level, the air is adversely affected by dust mites, pollen and pollution, among other things. The 'altitude internships' to spas are still popular, but such a stay is of course not alone expensive but also very time consuming, and therefore not reserved for everyone


Altitude tent

Asthma and COPD are syndromes that have a major influence on functioning in daily life. Nevertheless, these barriers can easily be countered with simulated ones altitude training in a altitude tent. Many patients have now achieved good results. One person can omit 'puffing' twice, the other no longer suffers from slime formation. For almost all of them it provides relief from breathing.sleeping-in-height tent

Effects altitude training for Asthma and COP

Sleeping in a height tent eases breathing and improves the immune system. As a result of the thinner air, the body produces more red blood cells, which leads to increased oxygen transport to muscles and organs.

The effects in brief:

☻ Better oxygen intake
☻ More energy
☻ Relief of breathing
☻ Improvement of the condition
☻ Reduction in the use of medicines


Via our rental service It is possible to test yourself how much effect you experience with a height tent and / or training mask.