5 factors that can negatively influence your altitude training

Athletes who do not improve positively on altitude training or in other words non-responders, does that actually exist? Many scientists have strong doubts about this. The Australian sports institute identified the 5 "I" s which the hematological effect of altitude training influence such that it seems that the athlete hardly responds to altitude at all.

Injury1. Injury

Long-term inflammation can completely disrupt the effect of height on the body. This can range from a persistent knee injury to a small gum disease.

iron2. Iron

Iron is an important building block for the production of haemoglobin. It is advisable to take a few weeks' training with a blood test to check whether the stock iron on arrow is. If there is an iron deficiency, altitude training will almost certainly miss its effect. During altitude training your body uses more iron than normal due to the increased production of red blood cells. Extra iron supplements are therefore usually needed. Take this in the morning on an empty stomach and preferably in combination with a fresh orange. This will considerably improve the absorption of the iron.

Illness3. Illness

Illness is also often a jammer in the process for better performance. Just as with 'normal' training, this can also destroy the effect of altitude training. In case of fever, it is always advisable to postpone altitude training until the athlete is 100% fit again.

4. Intensity

We see the best results in height training with athletes who manage to slow themselves down a bit. The right intensity handling means that at the end of the height training the athlete has the feeling that he could do more training.

intake5. Intake

Enough carbohydrates and proteins is very important to prevent inflammation and to facilitate the increased production of red blood cells.




Until recently it was generally known that around 10% of all athletes are so-called non-responders. Today, many scientists think that aresponder'is nothing but someone for whom one or more of the 5 "I" s is not right. It is therefore very important to pay sufficient attention to these factors optimum height training effect.

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