Lotto Soudal not on altitude training: “Altitude tent gives the same effect”

"Height training is an indispensable part of cycling," says Wim Van Hoolst, trainer of Lotto Soudal. Yet his team again does not go to altitude. "Your body doesn't know whether you're sleeping in a tent or sleeping at height," he explains.

Hematocrit? Height tent? The theory behind the “top condition” of Campenaerts

Victor Campenaerts, the current World Hour record holder, says he feels “top”, thanks to a few nights in his height tent. "I want to start my last training block with an unseen high hematocrit." Can't follow anymore? Kris Van der Mieren, federal doctor at Belgian Cycling, explains it all.

Attention medical community!

Feeding COVID-19 infected patients with oxygen has not yet been successful. It's like feeding fire with oxygen! The virus feels good in an oxygen enriched environment and becomes more powerful! Applying moderate hypoxia at an early stage of the infection will block the spread of the infection through the bloodstream. This can be controlled relatively easily by exposing patients to 10 to 12% O2 and achieving oxygen saturation between 75% to 80%, alternating with short recovery periods in

READING TIP: From Altitude Tent to the thin air of Mount Everest.

Wilco Dekker slept in a height tent of Altitude Dream for seven weeks. Until his departure to Kathmandu where he prepared to climb the world's highest mountain. Wilco shows that everyone with a healthy passion can make their dream come true through faith, trust and conviction. There are many factors that play a part in making the climb to the top successful. Dekker explains that it is, among other things, about identifying as many risks as possible at an early stage and doing everything possible

IHT against COVID-19 Corona Virus

According to this WHO (World Health Organization) report, “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19. All countries must work together to optimize the availability of pulse oximeters and medical oxygen systems. Mortality in people with critical illness has been reported as above 50%, therefore the implementation of proven intensive care interventions such as respiratory protection should be optimized. ”

Height training and the art of proper planning

According to some scientists, the effect of altitude training is enhanced at every altitude stage. So it pays to go into the mountains several times a year. Altitude training has long been used by endurance athletes to perform better at sea level. The idea is simple: by training in thin air you make more epo hormone and more red blood cells, which improves the oxygen transport to the muscles and organs.