Mathieu Van der Poel in Belgium on 'height internship' for WC

Van der Poel is the rider that the peloton must take into account during the World Championship on the road

The altitude sickness assessment form: Do I have to go back or will I continue?

Many people who climb to thin air for the first time have no experience with the way their bodies behave


Sleeping in a height tent. 3 myths disproved.

Sleeping in a height tent, or 'Live High, Train Low' is the most accepted and most used technique that is used

K2 summit Paul Hegge

Climbing the K2. The diary of Paul Hegge, first Belgian on top.

Saturday June 15 Arrival in Istanbul The weather will be the most crucial factor for potential success on K2. Af

Acclimatize at home to the altitude

During the months of June and July, some strange grumbling noises come out of my apartment at night. The electricity bill is

Michel Butter slept for weeks in a height tent for top performance at the New York marathon

Butter is, with a personal record of 2.09.58, among the marathon top in the Netherlands. With his personal record, he is one of them