Helping to realize your dreams is our mission, but we cannot do that alone. Below is an overview of all our partners who help us with this.

Matoke Tours

Matoke Tours Matoke Tours touches travelers' hearts with the most beautiful trips through the east and south of Africa. Our specialism and our personal approach make the difference. We enable travelers to experience the most beautiful places in the east and south of Africa in a personal and comfortable way. Service, quality and small scale are paramount. Traditionally ... read more


Alpenglow "The Rapid-Ascent ascents of Alpenglow Expeditions are an entirely new way of approaching expeditions. After more than 15 years they have guided expeditions around the world, including many expeditions of 8,000 meters, we have refined the acclimatization and climbing process and distilled to maximize safety, health, success and enjoyment. ” A six-week rental ... read more


Fisiotics About Training at height, artificial but under controlled conditions. In the past, athletes had to rely on internships in the mountains, nowadays it is also possible to train at a simulated height. Height training and internships are ideal for endurance sports such as skiing, running, cycling and triathlon to improve performance, but this training can also be used as ... read more

War Child

War Child Millions of children grow up in war. War that has a devastating influence on their development. Violence, abuse, neglect and loss make them feel sad. Anxious. Aggressive. They cannot be normal children. Children do not belong in war. Never. They have the right to grow up in peace. To develop in a healthy way, in a safe environment. To become ... read more

Climbing Managers

Climbing Managers About Originally founded in 2011 as a leadership course by and by managers, the organization “Climbing Managers” has grown into a company with 4 main activities: organizing expeditions, pioneering workshops, company events and TV support. ... read more

Namaste Mountainguides

Namaste Mountainguides About Namaste is the Belgian mountain guide agency that organizes and guides unique mountain experiences for mountain sports enthusiasts, families and companies. In addition, motivated mountain athletes, in our Namaste Alpine School, are trained as independent mountain athletes in various disciplines of mountaineering. Both individuals and groups of close friends or families ... read more

Tanzania Specialist

Tanzania Specialist About A Tanzania vacation is the ultimate dream trip! The country really has everything to offer for an unforgettable holiday. Do you choose a Tanzania safari or do you want a wonderful relaxing Zanzibar holiday? Or do you really want to climb Kilimanjaro once in your life? It is not without reason that we are called the Tanzania Specialist and with us you will find the most complete range ... read more

Mountain Network

Mountain Network Over the past 30 years, we have seen what happens to many of us. We flourish through climbing and mountaineering. Of course because it is fun and challenging, but especially because we feel at home in the free and social culture, challenged to go further and higher and proud of who we are and what we do. We feel the positive effect in all aspects of our life. Climbing is a ... read more