Wild Tanzania

Wild Tanzania organises professionally guided expeditions to Africa's highest mountain.
We accompany individuals but also companies looking for a challenging team building on Kilimanjaro.

Founders Bram & Thomas lived for years at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Bram was the first Belgian to climb Kilimanjaro by bicycle.
Wild Tanzania has its own office in Arusha, allowing us to follow up briefly on all expeditions.

All expeditions are accompanied by experienced English-speaking guides. Wild Tanzania is the only Belgian organisation to be a member of KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Association Project). This guarantees fair pay and treatment of the guides and porters. Sustainable tourism is very important to us.

On special request, we also have partnerships with international adventurers to guide the ascent of Kilimanjaro.

You can also reach Thomas & Bram for questions about any climb.


SummitClimb and SummitTrek, Well Organized Expeditions and Treks - Affordable Climbing and Trekking 6000, 7000, and 8000 metre Peaks in Nepal, Tibet, China, Karakoram, Africa, and South America.

Matoke Tours

Matoke Tours touches travelers' hearts with the most beautiful trips through the east and south of Africa.

Our specialism and our personal approach make the difference. We enable travelers to experience the most beautiful places in the east and south of Africa in a personal and comfortable way. Service, quality and small scale are paramount. We have traditionally set foot on African soil with our own offices in Africa. We are at home in Africa!

Our employees Nicole and Rob have climbed Kilimanjaro and can advise you about the different routes and the preparation for the climb. Anyone who climbs the mountain can suffer from altitude sickness; fit or unfit, it is impossible to know in advance how the body will react to the altitude. Good preparation and good practical information beforehand is very important to us.

Our favorite route is the Machame route. Matoke Tours offers the Machame route as an individual ascent or group ascent. We organize these tours all year round, in collaboration with the top-rated operator in Tanzania, and the group expeditions are guaranteed to continue.

Of course, you will be constantly accompanied by a group of experienced, English-speaking and professional mountain guides, porters & chef. During the climb you will stay in well maintained tents and enjoy energy-rich meals in the 'mess tent'. To optimize the chances of reaching the summit, we stay one night prior to the climb in Arusha in a comfortable lodge at 1540m to acclimatize and increase the chances of reaching the top.

If you want to climb Kilimanjaro, please visit our website.



"Alpenglow Expeditions' Rapid-Ascent climbs are a whole new way to approach expeditions. After more than 15 years guiding expeditions around the world, including many 8,000m expeditions, we have refined and distilled the acclimatisation and climbing process to maximise safety, health, success and enjoyment." A six-week rental of Altitude Dream altitude training technology comes standard with the price of Alpenglow guidance and is used by all expedition teams in preparation. This pre-acclimatisation strategy allows clients to reach the world's highest peak in half the time of traditional expeditions. This is the future. We are very excited to be working with Alpenglow and thank them for their vision and dedication.



Training at heights, artificially but under controlled conditions. In the past, athletes had to rely on internships in the mountains, nowadays it is also possible to train at simulated heights. Altitude training and internships are ideal for endurance sports such as skiing, running, cycling and triathlon to improve performance but this training can also be used as an alternative incentive for burning fat.

The perfect alternative

It is also a perfect alternative as pre-acclimatisation for trekking or mountain climbing! Through years of experience and climbing in high mountains, we offer training advice for treks in high mountains or climbs above 3000m. Even if you dream of climbing Mount Everest, we will help you prepare for months in order to make it a success with an altitude training schedule and a high sensitivity test.

climbing managers

Climbing Managers

Originally established in 2011 as a leadership course from and by managers, the organization “Climbing managers” has grown into a company with 4 main activities: organizing expeditions, groundbreaking workshops, company events and TV support.

Tanzania Specialist

Tanzania Specialist

A Tanzania holiday is the ultimate dream trip! The country has everything to offer for an unforgettable holiday. Would you like to go on a Tanzania safari or a relaxing Zanzibar holiday? Or do you want to climb Kilimanjaro just once in your life? It's not for nothing that we are called the Tanzania Specialist and that we offer the most complete range of Tanzania holidays!

Mountain Network

Mountain Network

For 30 years, we have seen what is happening to many people also happening to us. We are thriving through climbing and mountaineering. Of course because it is fun and challenging, but mainly because we feel at home in the free and social culture, challenged to go further and higher and proud of who we are and what we do. We feel the positive effect in all aspects of our lives. Climbing is a life anchor - it gives us confidence in ourselves. We would like the whole world to have that.


Bullet Coaching

Whether you're young, a bit older, just starting out or want to chase your dream of riding the biggest races, we all have one thing in common and that is passion for cycling. It is from this passion that Bullet Coaching wants to work with you to get the best out of you so that you can give your all in races, tours, gran fondos or just to hurt your mates during a nice bike ride.