First edition Athletics Congress immediately hit the mark

Last Saturday, Athletic News, together with sports medical test center Running and More, organized the very first edition of the Athletics Congress. The event turned out to be a bull's-eye and the many spectators were able to broaden their athletics knowledge to their hearts content in the renewed Sports Innovation Campus in Bruges.

Club doctor at KAA Gent Luc Vanden Bossche got off the ground. Thanks to the Buffalo-pro, we now know in any case when to take anti-inflammatory drugs and which alternatives are available. We had known for a long time from Olympic marathon athlete Koen Naert that he sought salvation in the spiritual world, but in his lecture we also learned why he did that, what effect it has on him and his achievements and why he would recommend meditation to everyone.

Then elite trainer Rudi Diels gave an insight into his training methodology and how he protects his athletes from overloading. Very interesting! For a scientific approach to training and practical implications in practice, we were also at the right address with Professor Jan Bourgois.

After lunch, it was Veerle Dejaeghere who could explain like no other what it meant to be a woman in the (top) sports world. And frankly as we know Veerle, no subject was avoided! Home speaker Rik Hoste gave a glimpse into his practice and explained the many aspects of movement analysis as he applies it to various (elite) athletes.

Subsequently, almost all the latest athletes' hypes were provided by Olympian Michael Bultheel with expert commentary. The sports doctor and physical doctor of course knows better than anyone what does or does not do anything about performance or recovery. Before the closing drink we got a glimpse into the life of Ironman triathlete Dirk Baelus, who as an ex-café boss completely changed his life and since then has been reeling triathlons all over the world with only natural food (and without refined sugars).

As an expert in altitude training Altitude Dream supported this event and we would like to thank all visitors, speakers and organisers for this beautiful day.

About Altitude Dream

Altitude Dream is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of altitude training. For more than 10 years we have been helping athletes realize their dreams and bringing people without altitude sickness to the mountain of their dreams. Altitude Dream is not a company. Altitude Dream is a dream. A dream that leads to the maximum use of our possibilities.