What is high cerebral edema?

Altitude cerebral oedema or High Altitude Cerebral Oedema (HACE) is also a disease that can play up at altitude. More often seen from 3700 m, but can already flare up from 2600 m. This disease also involves fluid accumulation. This then takes place not in the lungs, but in the brain: the control centre ... read more

What is pulmonary oedema?

Altitude pulmonary oedema is another disease that, as early as 2500m, can flare up at altitude. When talking about oedema, it refers to fluid accumulation. As the name suggests, this accumulation occurs in the lungs, more specifically in the alveoli. In these alveoli, gas exchange takes place. ... read more

IHT against COVID-19 Corona Virus

According to this WHO (World Health Organization) report, “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19. All countries must work together to optimize the availability of pulse oximeters and medical oxygen systems. Mortality in people with ... read more

Riders looking for alternatives by Coronavirus, Jens Keukeleire shows his solution: “A height training? You can do that in Bruges too ”

The coronavirus is also affecting the peloton. For Jens Keukeleire (31), for example. He was selected for the triptych in Italy. What now? Keukeleire: "In consultation with the team, I decided to stay at home and sleep in an altitude tent." It takes teams and riders a while to adjust. It ... read more

Height to oxygen table

This handy 'altitude to oxygen %' table extrapolates the effective amount of oxygen to real altitude. At real altitude, the barometric pressure of the atmosphere is significantly lower than that of sea level. The result is that oxygen molecules in the air are further apart, causing ... read more

What are the seven summits?

The seven summits, or 7 mountain peaks, are the high mountains of every continent. This challenge was first completed by mountain climber Richard Bass. Based on the performance of Bass and Reinhold Messner, who finished fifth in the challenge, this list with seven tops ... read more

Training at height. New insights.

Height training is a well-known training method. In the past, athletes had to rely on internships in the mountains, nowadays it is also possible to train and / or live at simulated heights. There are new, promising developments in this area concerning intensive and short-term ... read more

Climbing talent Wout Poels: With altitude training you feel 2 percent better

Relieved, Wout Poels reached the finish line in Paris in the company of Tour winner and teammate Chris Froome on Sunday. During this Tour de France, Poels made an important contribution to the success of the Team Sky leader and was perhaps the strongest in the Bergen after his leader in the ... read more

The ideal height for a height tent is 2000 to 2500 meters

It is best for athletes to sleep at an altitude of 2000-2500 meters during a “live-high-train-low” training period in an altitude tent. At this altitude, the conditions are most favorable to perform as well as possible at sea level afterwards. This appears from research by a group of researchers with many ... read more