10 tips when sleeping in a height tent

In this article, we give you 10 valuable tips you can use to optimise your altitude training with the altitude generator. Simulating altitude with an altitude generator seems simple but in practice it's a knack O2 technology which you want to make the most of. The smart tips below will help your body get the maximum effect from your time in the altitude tent.

1. Drink more water than usual

At height your body dehydrates faster, so it is advisable to drink around 0.5 liters of extra water.

2. Make enough hours in the height tent

Your body is acclimatized to the altitude while sleeping in the height tent. You can tell by your increased heart rate and reduced saturation. To compensate for this and to stay fit, we recommend sleeping an extra 1 hour / night on average.

3. Iron supplements

Sleeping at altitude causes your body to produce more red blood cells, this can deplete your iron supply faster. Prevent this with extra iron supplements. Preferably with chlorella such as Erythromax which stimulates the production of red blood cells .

4. Schedule when you will stay in the altitude tent

It is often easy to spend an extra hour in the altitude tent by going to bed an hour earlier and reading a book, for example. Plan your time well and keep it in mind.

5. Eat fish

Fish contains a lot of folic acid. Folic acid is also an important element in the entire process.

6. Ventilate the height tent every day

Also under your mattress since it cannot ventilate optimally temporarily due to your high altitude tent.

7. Build up the height gradually

Start at 2000m and then gradually build up the altitude.

8. Use a saturation meter

saturation meterjpg

Your saturation reading, measured in the morning in the altitude tent, is decisive in setting the right altitude. Ideally, it should be around 92%. This is why all our rental systems are equipped with a saturation gauge as standard.

9. Inform your environment

Support from your friends/family is important. If they know about your altitude training then they can also take it into account.

10. Avoid stress

Stress puts the body in imbalance and, as a result, can detract from any kind of training, including altitude training.

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