How much noise does a height generator make?

A high altitude generator always makes noise. However, the differences in noise level between manufacturers are very large. The Everest Summit 2 altitude generator by Altitude Dream is designed and produced in the US according to strict medical specifications. This high altitude generator is the only one that has no less than 6 ATF cells and is therefore the quietest high altitude generator on the market. The noise level of our altitude generator is only 58 decibels.

What does 58 decibels mean?

Decibels are quite difficult to interpret. Because how much sound is 58 decibels? Most companies use situations to compare decibels. For example, fireworks make a sound of 140 decibels, the music in a disco is on average 105 decibels and the wind in the trees creates 20 decibels of sound. The Altitude Dream height generator is close to the noise level of a dishwasher in this comparison.

Does this affect my night's sleep?

Absolutely not. Each Altitude Dream altitude generator comes with a 12m oxygen hose so you can always place it in another room away from the altitude tent. With an optimal set-up, customers have reported that they have to put their hand in front of the air inlet (HEPA filter) to check if the system is still working. So you don't have to sleep with ear plugs 🙂


Decibel table

About Altitude Dream

Altitude Dream is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of altitude training. For more than 10 years we have been helping athletes realize their dreams and bringing people without altitude sickness to the mountain of their dreams. Altitude Dream is not a company. Altitude Dream is a dream. A dream that leads to the maximum use of our possibilities.