Kilian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg test our 'Fast Acclimatize' method

Two of the world's best mountain athletes of this generation, Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg, tried Cho Oyu to climb quickly in the Himalayas. Cho Oyu with its summit of 26,906 '(8,188m) is the sixth highest mountain in the world and a favorite of many seasoned alpinists. Although they have an incredibly natural talent, Kilian and Emelie live at sea level in Norway and do not have the altitude exposure needed to acclimatize for Himalayan expeditions. In addition to climbing, Kilian and Emelie are world-class trail runners and ski mountaineers who regularly travel and race around the world. For this reason, they do not have much time to spend on mountain expeditions at high altitudes.

The couple went to investigate and found out if it was possible to climb Cho Oyu in two weeks. They discovered how acclimatization is necessary and how this can affect the body. In the short film about their journey to achieve this, you can see how they successfully test our Kilian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg using our 'Fast Acclimatize' method and the revolution that this acclimatization method will bring to mountaineering.

Climbers should traditionally arrive at base camp two months in advance to acclimatise for a climb of 26,906 '(8,188 m). This adds cost and complications for climbers who spend most of this acclimatisation period simply 'hanging out' in the thin air of the various camps on the mountain. In addition, it also means climbers are away from their jobs and families for longer periods, this is often a major private and financial sacrifice. In view of these circumstances and being unable to dedicate two months to Cho Oyu, Kilian and Emilie employed a different strategy. Instead of arriving two months in advance, they decided to acclimatise from their home in Norway using our technology and our 'Fast Acclimatize' method. This meant they only had to travel 10 days before their scheduled summit day.

Kilian Jornet Fast Acclimatize Method

This video shows a nice picture of the 'Fast Acclimatize' method used in their pre-acclimatization. Kilian also shared his training protocol prior to Cho Oyu. It is a fascinating look at how acclimatization at home can be approached for large mountain expeditions. Although they did not reach the top, Kilian reached the 8000m and Emelie reached 7800m in just 10 days. This is almost unprecedented and shows the possibilities and advantages of simulated height acclimatization. Of course it must be emphasized that Kilian and Emelie are professional athletes and have a lot of experience in the mountains.

Although acclimatisation at home is safe for everyone, expeditions in ascending style should only be undertaken under the supervision of expert and professional guide services such as our partners.

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