Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg test our 'Fast Acclimatize' method

Two of the world's best mountain athletes of this generation, Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg, attempted to climb Cho Oyu in the Himalayas in a hurry. Cho Oyu with its peak of 26,906 '(8,188m) is the sixth highest mountain in the world and a favourite of many seasoned mountaineers. Although they have an incredible natural talent, Kilian and Emelie live at sea level in Norway and do not have the exposure to altitude needed to acclimatise for Himalayan expeditions. Besides climbing, Kilian and Emelie are world-class trail runners and ski mountaineers who regularly travel and race around the world. For this reason, they do not have much time to spend on high-altitude mountain expeditions. The pair set out to investigate and find out if it was possible to climb Cho Oyu in a fortnight. They discovered how acclimatisation is necessary and how it can affect the body. In the short film about their journey to achieve this, you can see how they met our Kilian Jornet & ... read more