Height training & acclimatization

Height training is indispensable in the training planning of top athletes. Altitude training initially results in getting used to performing at altitude. Altitude training also improves fitness and performance. In this article you can read about the possibilities for training and / or sleeping at height in order to be able to enjoy your holiday well prepared at height.

Well prepared to start

Altitude training prevents altitude sickness and its consequences. Every year thousands of people go into the mountains. Staying and performing at altitude requires acclimatisation, adaptation. This may involve holidays in the mountains, hiking and trekking, mountaineering, expeditions and winter sports holidays. In this case, altitude acclimatisation means that adaptation takes place using simulated altitude. For example by sleeping in an altitude tent.


There is less oxygen in the mountain air than at sea level. Normally there is 20.9% oxygen in the air. At an altitude of 2500 meters that is around 15.5%. Your body reacts at height by producing more red blood cells. This leads to multiple physiological effects. Among other things, an increased transport to and an increased intake of oxygen takes place in muscles and organs. The usefulness of training and / or sleeping at height has been proven by scientific research. This is underlined by personal experiences and effects that have been achieved. Mountain climbers also have good experiences with the use of simulated altitude before they actually start performing at altitude. Increasing oxygen transport, oxygen uptake and glucose uptake in muscles and organs are the most important results of acclimatization and altitude training.

These changes lead to:

  • Fighting altitude sickness (e.g. headaches, nausea, insomnia)
  • Condition improvement
  • Improve recovery
  • Performance improvement

To enjoy

The benefits of training and / or sleeping at height are increasingly being experienced. Acclimatization at height can be built up from a moderate intensity to a more intensive level. The intensity depends on the degree of the load level and the personal goals. To be able to enjoy your stay at heights to the maximum, the following factors must be taken into account in addition to acclimatization:

  • Height; the higher in meters, the more chance of altitude sickness
  • Speed; the faster at altitude the less acclimatization time
  • Fatigue level; the more tired the less resistance
  • Moisture content; the less moisture the greater the chance of getting sick

We would like to inform you about the possibilities of acclimatising and/or training at altitude. Let us support you in achieving your goals. With our products you can acclimatise using a mobile altitude generator. Experience what simulated altitude does to you!

In summary, acclimatization helps you further.
Challenge yourself and experience it!

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