3 notices of the training regime of Mo Farah

After Mo Farah was crowned 2-time world champion, the attention of many went to the secrets behind his success. How did the remarkable achievements in Moscow come about? Some describe Farah as the greatest British distance runner of all time, with the potential to become the best of all time. We highlight below three remarkable things from the training regime of Mo Farah. Multiple world and Olympic champion.

Although almost all the details of Mo Farah's training regime are a well-kept secret, Mo has already revealed several intriguing aspects of his training in various interviews in recent years.

Mo Farah high altitude tent

These are the 3 most remarkable:


1. Farah uses one underwater treadmill to relieve his legs of the usual pressure and to enable him to make more kilometers without a higher risk of injury.

2. Farah also points out that he sleeps in one altitude tent when at home at sea level.

3. Finally, he gives advice as to not to drink with training sessions shorter than 10 km. Walking with a water bottle can bring you out of balance in such a way that it causes dormant injuries.


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