When to use Acetazolamide against altitude sickness?

Acetazolamide such as, for example diamox ® is a medication that comes with altitude sickness can be used when you do not have the option to advance in one altitude tent to sleep and in one of the following situations:

Situations when Acetazolamide can be used

  • If you have ever been in the past altitude sickness despite having followed all recommendations.
  • If you have a lung or heart problem, and then only in consultation with your doctor.
  • If you have a direct flight directly to a height above 3000 meters.
  • If, due to circumstances, you rise more than 500 meters a day during your expedition.`

Altitude sickness: where does it often occur?

Places with an airport at high altitude:

  • Tibet: Lhasa (3749 m)
  • Bolivia: La Paz (3444 m)
  • Peru: Cusco (3000 m)
  • Ecuador: Quito (2850 m)

If you have a direct flight to Lhasa or La Paz, the chance of altitude sickness is around 50%.

Other popular destinations at height:

  • Kenya: Mount Kenya (5200 m)
  • Tanzania: The Kilimanjaro (5895 m)
  • Peru: Machu Picchu (2500 m).

Advice when you still have altitude sickness

The main thing is that you realize that altitude sickness exists and that you certainly do not minimize it and that you take the necessary measures. A height tent in the weeks before your expedition gives the best chance of avoiding altitude sickness.

If a height tent was not possible beforehand and you have early symptoms of altitude sickness, then certainly do not climb further and, if necessary, evaluate the complaints with us altitude sickness assessment form. If you are traveling in a group, immediately report this to your guide. Climbers in groups are more likely to die from altitude sickness than others, probably due to pressure from the group. In any case, do not sleep at high altitude with real symptoms, even if you are not troubled. When it is not improved by rest you have to descend.

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