Advantages of a pre-acclimatization program.

Whether it is a mountaineering expedition or just a relaxing skiing holiday, every year many people ascend to great heights. We spend a lot of time and money planning the perfect trip. Nobody wants to ruin that trip with altitude sickness. That's why many people turn to Altitude Dream for the benefits of our pre-acclimatisation programme.

Mountaineers must acclimatise for weeks at base camp to get used to the harsh hypoxic conditions. Even with this time investment, and regardless of one's physical condition, the risk of acute altitude sickness (AMS) is always present.

A person's reaction to high altitude is strongly genetically determined. Some people are more susceptible to altitude sickness than others. However, studies show that 80% of people who ascend to altitudes of +4000m or higher suffer to some extent from the debilitating symptoms of AMS (headaches, nausea, insomnia). This risk cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be significantly reduced.

By sleeping in an altitude tent before going on an expedition, our customers can acclimatise beforehand and prepare themselves for exposure to altitude. In this way, we can guarantee tourists and holiday-makers living at sea level an enjoyable holiday by acclimatising at home in advance with a simple Altitude Dream programme that starts 4 weeks in advance.

By stimulating EPO production and therefore red blood cell production, customers can expect the following benefits from such a pre-acclimatisation programme:

  • Decreased symptoms of acute altitude sickness
  • Save money through the time spent acclimatizing on the mountain
  • Increased chance of a successful top attempt
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Decreased fatigue


Line Lison | Kilimanjaro 5895m

“The installer who installed the height tent had climbed the kilimanjaro himself and was able to tell about it. He gladly took his time, which we thought was great! Moreover, sleeping in the height tent was a pleasant experience. We have also managed to reach the top! There were many who had complaints, but both my husband and I have had few physical disadvantages. It limited itself to some thinness in the head during the summit and decreased appetite. We are convinced that sleeping in the height tent has contributed to this. Top!


Moritz Pfähler Aconcagua 6962m

“I managed to climb the Aconcagua. Last week Saturday 27 February I was at the top. Throughout the entire climb I did not suffer from altitude sickness, partly due to the acclimatization through the height tent. Thank you Altitude Dream ”

About Altitude Dream

Altitude Dream is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of altitude training. For more than 10 years we have been helping athletes realize their dreams and bringing people without altitude sickness to the mountain of their dreams. Altitude Dream is not a company. Altitude Dream is a dream. A dream that leads to the maximum use of our possibilities.