Altitude training, what are the physiological benefits?

There are many physiological benefits associated with altitude adaptation.
In this article a summary of the five most important benefits.

  1. Because of the height, the body will automatically make the entire breathing process more efficient.
    As a result, with the breathing of an acclimatized person, more oxygen will pass from the lungs to the blood than compared to an unacclimatized person.
  2. Due to the height, the volume of new red blood cells will increase. Red blood cells take care of the oxygen transport to the muscles and organs and therefore have a major influence on sport performance or the general condition.
  3. Due to height, the total number of red blood cells will also increase and therefore also the total blood volume.
  4. Height will also make the capillary network larger. Capillaries are small blood vessels around muscles. The larger this network, the easier the oxygen in the blood can find its way to the muscle cells.
  5. The height will increase the number of mitochondrium. A mitochondrion is a cell organelle that functions as a cell's power plant.