+ 8000m | Mount Everest

Eric Arnold |
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Due to an avalanche and earthquake I have not been able to properly test the effect of the height tent. However, with a practice climb to 6100 meters I was less quickly out of breath as fellow climbers. My oxygen saturation was also slightly higher than the other climbers. Super! In terms of information and thinking along, you were

Wim Smets
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I did experience the effect of the height tent during the preparation. Although other factors also play a role, it seemed to me that I really digested acclimatization very well. But the earthquake prevented me from taking the ultimate test (climbing Makalu without oxygen). Which

Tim ten Klooster |
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Positive experience but effect I don't know yet. I am now in the Alps up to max 3600m; that is going well. Next to Nepal up to 8000+. How that goes I don't know yet.