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About our rental service

Discover how you too can greatly improve your endurance during your night's rest. Take advantage of our rental service and experience the effect of a height tent yourself

To make a height tent accessible to everyone, AltitudeDream.com also offers a rental service. From now on you have the opportunity to experience the effect of altitude training yourself at an affordable rate of only € 125 / week! Scientific research shows that 'Live High, Train Low' is the most efficient way of height training!

+10 years of experience
with altitude training

Free delivery
in the Benelux

Lifelong advice,
service and guidance

Unique rental service
and competitive prices

Benefits for

Mountain climbers

Less chance of altitude sickness Acclimatize to height at home Maximum enjoyment
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Improve your endurance up to 8% Increase your hermacrodite Recover faster after your workout