Train like Bradley Wiggins: Live High, Train Low

Strange message today: no Paris-Nice or Tirreno-Adriatico for the classic Team Sky riders. Why are they doing that? We asked sports doctor Kris Vandermieren. "Absolute trust in science can definitely lead to success."

Altitude internship

“They do exactly the same as they did last year in preparation for the Tour de France Bradley Wiggins the overall victory. During this preparation they go to Tenerife (Teide), where they stay at more than 2,000 meters", Kris Vandermieren explains.

“The advantage is that the natural production of Red blood cells is going to rise. That has a very good effect after 12 days. "

“The riders do training at sea level. That is called "live high, train low". Training in preparation for the classics is not possible in terms of hardness and intensity at more than 2,000 meters. That is perfectly possible at sea level. "

"Optimal training with maximum freshness"

In addition to the production of red blood cells, there are other benefits for the riders.

“They run a much lower risk of falls. And their condition can be measured and checked daily. That is not possible in a stage race such as Paris-Nice. "

“In a stage race you have a number of factors that you cannot control. That is possible on training internship. Optimal training with maximum freshness towards classics is the idea. ”

“We often see that riders are well trained, but also tired. Sky is now opting for the other approach. "

"Trust in science"

"Scientists today know exactly what is needed to bring classics such as Milan-Sanremo or the Tour of Flanders to a successful conclusion," continues Vandermieren. "They know perfectly which wattages a rider must be able to pedal to participate for profit."

"With this scientific approach, they can fairly well evaluate where the Sky riders are now and what they need to be in perfect order for the classics."

Editor: Tenerife is one of the few places in the world where 'Live High, Train Low' is possible. An even easier way to apply 'Live High Train Low' is by using a high altitude tent. Wiggins also makes use of this. Bradley himself sent this to the world via Twitter:

Bradley Wiggins twitter

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