Thomas De Gendt prepared Dauphiné (and Tour) in height tent: "Proves to pay"

While most riders choose one altitude internship in Sierra Nevada, on the Teide, in the American Colorado such as Kittel or Utah with Sagan, Thomas De Gendt spent the last weeks in Calpe and slept in a altitude tent.

Tiesj Benoot prepared for the Dauphiné and Tour in the Sierra Nevada. He did not do so in the company of teammate Thomas De Gendt. The winner of the opening stage in the Dauphiné chose this year not to stay in the CAR, Centro de Alto Rendimiento, at high altitude, but to do a stage, at the sea, in the Spanish town of Calpe. "I come back from almost three weeks of altitude training," Thomas De Gendt told the Dauphiné, "it's to say, I slept three weeks in an altitude tent, in Calpe. Last year I trained in the Sierra Nevada, before that I often went to Italy, now I chose Calpe. I have a house there and in consultation with my trainer Paul Van Den Bosch we came to this solution. Paul is a proponent of the principle 'sleep high, train low', because then your body is less stressed and you still reap the benefits of that high altitude. I had expected that I would be less good in the first three days of the Dauphiné, but that is not the case. So it does seem to pay off."

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