Riders looking for alternatives by Coronavirus, Jens Keukeleire shows his solution: “A height training? You can do that in Bruges too ”

The corona virus also affects the pack. In front of Jens Keukeleire (31) for example. He was selected for the triptych in Italy. What now? Keukeleire: “In consultation with the team, I decided to stay at home and in one altitude tent to sleep."

It takes a while to adjust for teams and riders. After all, the lack of race days must be compensated for the momentum that there will be competitions again. Jens Keukeleire has made his decision. He remains… in Bruges.

"There were several alternatives," says the 31-year-old West Fleming. “Paris-Nice ride, for example, but that wanted more riders in our team. A altitude internship scheduling was another option, but I didn't like that. Since January 1, I have only been home for three days. It must also remain healthy mentally. ”

Keukeleire consulted with his coach and team and came to the next decision. “I just stay in Bruges to train. It is already March and the chance of really bad weather is getting a lot smaller now. Moreover, I can combine my training with explorations. ”

Altitude tent

Keukeleire cannot be blamed for a lack of ambition or professionalism. Because even though he trains in Belgium, he still sleeps in a height tent at a great height. Keukeleire: “I have been using that height tent for several years now. Often also to extend a real altitude internship. Then, for example, I go to altitude for 2 weeks, but by sleeping in my tent for a week beforehand, I extend my altitude internship to three weeks and I can train hard from day 1 in the mountains. I have also simulated a real altitude internship several times to peak and I felt very good about it. ”

Dream Cap

Because the Italian matches disappear, Keukeleire releases a 'period' of three weeks, more than enough to simulate a full-fledged altitude internship. What to imagine with such a tent? Gosh, that has also evolved. It used to be such a large tent that was over the bed so that my girlfriend also slept at height. As a result, she also felt effects. In the meantime we have a new 'Dream Cap'construction with only my head and torso in the thin air sit. ”

For Jens Keukeleire, the real classical work now starts in Bruges-De Panne. “After which I drive everything up to and including Paris-Roubaix. That is, if no new matches are canceled. ”