Jan Van Den Broeck slept in a height tent for 4 weeks

In front of Jan Van Den Broeck next Sunday's PK in the Ghent Top Sports Hall is not a walk-in competition. The Dendermonde soldier immediately wants to run the European Championship minimum on the 800 meters. "I have four weeks in one altitude tent spent, it sounds.

Sleeping in a high tent for four weeks seemed a bit cheaper

'You have athletes on for a few weeks altitude internship Van Den Broeck tells me. But sleeping for four weeks in a height tent seemed a bit cheaper. Just like my training partner Niels Platteau, I chose this alternative to see the effect. If the result is satisfactory, we can redo everything again in the summer. In addition, I did not have to adjust my training program during the day. Those four weeks finally passed quickly and smoothly. In the beginning we felt a bit tired on training but as the days went on, habituation started. '

Van Den Broeck now hopes to reap the benefits on Sunday. 'I get assistance from Niels in the 800-meter competition. The intention is that he makes the pace for 600 meters. In the final round I will then squeeze everything out to reach the limit for the European Championship. That amounts to 1.48.13, a chrono that I already realized last year. If I succeed, I can prepare for the European Championship in Gothenburg in peace for two months. I still have a few options, such as the Ifam Meeting at the beginning of February, but I hope that the first shot will be successful immediately. Then I can also test myself at 400 meters or even play hare for my training buddy.

Van Den Broeck also successfully participated in the BK cross country running for soldiers last month. "I enjoyed the party there, even though the distance was nine kilometers. Very surprisingly, I finished as the fifth Belgian, proof that the condition was already up to that point. The course in Schaffen was of course not too bad, there was no blade of mud. I am really not suitable for splatter parties, I certainly do not have a future as a crosser, ”he concludes.

This article was published in Het Nieuwsblad on 3 January 2012

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