Jan Van Den Broeck prepares himself for the season in height tent

This weekend it will be a first test for many athletes during the provincial championships. Saturday is organized in Lebbeke, Sunday is the meeting in Beveren. Jan Van Den Broeck then leave be altitude tent for a 400m competition. Just like last winter, Jan Van Den Broeck, just like his clubmate Niels Platteau, wants to get a maximum return from the altitude tent.

I first experienced an internship in Albufeira, Portugal, where the training conditions with temperatures close to twenty degrees were practically ideal. But on April 15 I crawled into the tent again. I intend to spend about 12 hours a day in it for a month. "

'Of course, most of the time is spent sleeping. Because there is less oxygen available anyway, the fatigue causes me to find sleep quickly. Fortunately I have no problems with the sound of the generator, which is located in another room. "

The boss boss continues to believe in the effect of the tent. 'Yes, I missed the European Indoor Championship this winter. I was in good shape at the wrong time when there were no competitions. Now there are other goals on the program. "

'To keep my contract with the Ministry of Defense, I have to submit a chrono below 1'46 op on the 800 meters. That therefore becomes the absolute priority. To reach the World Cup in Moscow, it has to go a little faster: 1'45-30 is the limit there. '

'On Sunday I will start the summer season as usual with a test at 400 meters. I certainly don't want to put time on it, because the weather conditions also play a role in such a match. I would first of all like to measure myself against a number of specialists at this distance. When I cross the finish line with a good feeling, my mission is successful. "

'The rest of the program is then dependent on the 800 meters. The meeting in Sint-Niklaas will probably be the opener for me. Although I know that in the first few weeks I will have to take into account some fatigue as a result of my altitude internship. "

By Willy Goossens

Source: Article from the Nieuwsblad