The disadvantage of training at height

The disadvantage of training at heights is that the oxygen pressure is lower at heights. This means that the air contains less oxygen per volume. You have to put more effort into transporting a given amount of oxygen to your muscles. At distances longer than 400 meters, where the oxygen supply plays an important role, this presents a disadvantage.

Intensity at height

This is immediately the main disadvantage of a traditional altitude training course. Due to the height it is impossible to get the same intensity into training. With altitude training by sleeping in a high altitude tent, this problem is solved since the training is still taking place at sea level and the quality is therefore retained.

The table below shows how much% of your maximum options you lose with increasing altitude.


Acclimatize in time

Altitude training to improve performance at altitude.If competitions are held at altitudes (above 600m), in view of the acute conditions mentioned above, the training will be carried out at a higher altitude. How-does-height-trainingnegative effects, acclimatized in time must become. The acutely reduced oxygen transport capacity of the blood and the lower maximum oxygen uptake will mainly have a negative impact on endurance performance. A longer stay at a height, such as for example 10 to 14 days in front of the performance, is necessary to ensure that the body adapts to this. However, this only applies to sports with a predominantly aerobic component. A different strategy applies in sports with a predominantly anaerobic component.


  • Care for sufficient iron supply in the body for the production of EPO and Red blood cells.
  • Care for adequate fluid intake in connection with a greater loss of moisture and risk of dehydration.
  • The thin air carries a greater risk of disease. Rest and sleep enough and pay attention to a good diet.
  • Altitude training is a complex theme and precise advice is sport and athlete specific. In case of doubt and if altitude training is started for the first time, take contact on with one of our experts.

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