Expedition Kilimanjaro: The height acclimatization

Every year several tens of thousands climb the Kilimanjaro but not even half makes it to the top, mostly due to altitude sickness..

The Kilimanjaro has something magical. The diverse climate zones that enable a trip from the tropics to the pool on one mountain, and the views on and from the mountain, make the Kilimanjaro irresistible for many. 

At 5950m, it is the highest mountain in Africa and is therefore far above the highest Alpine peaks. The oxygen percentage at the top is 9.9% in place of 20.9% here in our country. 11% less oxygen! That's a big difference and also the reason why 'altitude sickness'can pop up at any time during your expedition. Altitude sickness can therefore disrupt your entire expedition and you naturally want to avoid that. This can easily be done by acclimatizing to the in the month before your departure thin air. You acclimatize with the altitude tent and a training mask that allows you to breathe in the thin air in front of your television.

It is advisable to sleep in a height tent 4 weeks prior to departure and / or work 4x times a week with the training mask. For this we have a customized training schedule available tailored to the Kilimanjaro expedition. This allows you to easily acclimatize at home to the altitude.

So don't let your expedition ruin and go to the Kilimanjaro!

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