The Kili challenge for Warchild

The latest Warchild promotion is named "Kili challenge". This action not only appeals to the imagination but is also in favor of a very good cause. Because millions of children grow up in war. War that has a devastating effect on their development. Violence, abuse, neglect and loss make them gloomy. Anxious. Aggressive. They cannot be normal children.

The Kili Challenge challenges you, your colleagues and friends to reaching the top of Kilimanjaro together. And to money on te get it for war children.

War is not child's play. Children who grow up in conflict areas face major challenges. They must overcome their fears, process emotional experiences and regain confidence. In this way they can break the circle of violence and build a peaceful future. They need help with that. Help that War Child offers them, and to which you (with your colleagues or friends) can contribute. In a way that challenges you. Who appeals to all your abilities. On teamwork, leadership, creativity and perseverance.

the Kili Challenge is above all an unforgettable adventure

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The bar is high: the 5895 meter high peak of the Kilimanjaro reach 20,000 children. But the Kili Challenge is above all an unforgettable adventure that consists of three powerful elements:

  • The possibility the work of To support War Child. By participating, you contribute to a better future for thousands of war children.
  • A fully arranged trip. Including sporting leadership program in which we guide you physically and mentally to the top of Africa.
  • A challenging sponsorship campaign. Through fun and pushing your own limits you raise € 2,400.

PS: Warchild ambassador too Marco Borsato challenges you in the video below

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