Belgian Gasherbrum expedition

The wind howls around the tent and makes the sticks bend dangerously inside. Morning rest has turned into a hell of a noise. The draft holes are open to prevent the wind from lifting the small shelter and throwing it from the mountain. I doze in for a moment, breathing heavily through the altitude without realizing time. A mix of resignation, hope and fear creep through my limbs. Slowly I open my eyes and lie…. In our bedroom !?

Nathalie and I are going on a true adventure this summer. I, Johan, leave with four other climbers to Pakistan, where I want to conquer my first 8000'er. Nathalie (my lovely girlfriend) follows in the wake of this one Belgian Gasherbrum expedition together with 15 more tractors.Gasherbrum

We chose to start the acclimatisation process already in Belgium, in order to limit the risks of altitude sickness. Unfortunately, in this fairly flat country, there is no mountain higher than 2000 metres (unless one starts the big project in the Netherlands), still the starting height to complete an effective acclimatisation. What have you done?

More and more fitness centers offer an altitude room. For us, however, not around and impractical because of our full-time job.

You then surf the internet a bit, old acquaintances like Jan Van hees from Namaste mountain guide agency against that .... acclimatize at home (See picture). Uh, is this possible?

If the man cannot go to the mountains, the mountain will come to you !:


What we thought about it:

Altitude Dream

The height generator:

Operation is simple and fast. Easy and well explained. Just follow the schedule and occasionally press a button (usually after three days), nothing more.

The altitude generator is rather bulky and heavy, and of course, it makes a little noise. Fortunately, it is connected to a long oxygen hose, so we could put the altitude generator down (especially important for bad sleepers). A small puff, on a regular basis, was all that could be heard in the altitude tent.

The height tent:

This height tent is of good quality, hard plastic so that no air can escape. The air with obviously less oxygen of course! Everywhere there are inputs so that the oxygen hose can be plugged in on any side. Handy, because always adaptable per house (situation).

The sleeping:

You really feel the same as staying at height. People who doubt it, this works! Even with an extra advantage: it makes you lose weight! The air is rarer, your body thinks it sleeps at 2500 meters. So, after four weeks you clearly experience the result:

Your body makes extra epo, and keeps making it. I don't know the details either, but on their website you can find much more explanation.

After all these years, my advice to all hikers and climbers in the world is still: see it at home, so that you can enjoy it on the spot!

The first days we were slightly tired, even after having slept for eight or nine hours. Your body is adjusting to the unforeseen circumstances in which you throw it. After all these years, my advice to all hikers and climbers in the world is still: see it at home, so that you can enjoy it on the spot!

Take into account the following part in the process:

To really enjoy it to the full, you have to stay at least ten hours in the altitude tent. People with a busy job and children (who we don't have) can soon consider this a burden. Still keep doing, the gift is waiting in the mountains.

The service

The agreements were largely via telephone and e-mail. Always very polite, extremely friendly and clear. The agreements made were implemented to the letter.

The team is concerned with the customer, provides the “sleep advice” and takes care of the follow-up (if you have any questions).

The installation and demolition was also provided by the company and is fast and efficient, with a great enthusiastic and friendly explanation on site from Jelle.

These people love what they do, for whom they do it and how they do it!

Personal comments:

Our first objective has always been: acclimatization. You can feel it. An additional advantage that you already notice at home;

I felt different during the training sessions. Not after day one, but after week two. Usually much better, smoother, almost more elegant, was walking and cycling. Sometimes there was a really tough day. Generally, the day after "rising." Then you can just build in a recuperation moment, and even skip a day.


We are very excited that we got to know Altitude Dream! This makes us both feel more secure and safer once we go into the mountains. It is a long process in the run-up, but:

This is worth it! We still do this!

A huge "thank you" to the entire team of Altitude Dream

by Johan Schots and Nathalie Leon

About Altitude Dream

Altitude Dream is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of altitude training. For more than 10 years we have been helping athletes realize their dreams and bringing people without altitude sickness to the mountain of their dreams. Altitude Dream is not a company. Altitude Dream is a dream. A dream that leads to the maximum use of our possibilities.